Culture & Cinema : Children of paradise

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Culture & Cinema : Children of paradise

Boney M

Un morceau de synthé disco, basé sur le hit marocain Younes Migri “Lili Twil”

Voix principale: Liz Mitchell. Chœurs: Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Frank Farian.

A synth disco track, based on Moroccan Younes Migri’s hit “Lili Twil”, “Children of Paradise” went through several try-outs, and Boney M. themselves performed several different versions on various TV shows. The first single versions (with the ad for the 5th album on the back cover) had a double chorus after the 2nd verse and then faded during the 3rd verse. The second and final mix had only one chorus after the 2nd and faded after the 3rd chorus. The second single pressings was pressed with an ad for The Magic of Boney M. – 20 Golden Hits on the back cover since it had been decided the new album needed more time to be completed.

Lead vocal: Liz Mitchell. Backing vocals: Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Frank Farian.

  • Merci au label Hansa Records pour son aimable autorisation.
  • Many thanks to Hansa Records for the kindly permission.

Boney M “Children of paradise” 7″ edit

Boney M “Children of paradise” 12″ Extended version

Stéphane Guibert

Rares Mihai Florescu

 Finalscape / VK MondiAspora

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